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About Wind Telecom Corporation

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Wind Telecom is an American corporation that was actually born in North York, Ontario, Canada in 1991. It mainly serviced US Latin American clients. Later to expand it's local offering of long distance services and cellular provisioning to local customers in Canada

Wind Telecom started developing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies in 2005, deploying IP-PBX's and Long Distance calling services and Direct Inward Dial (DID's) in a world wide stage for mainly business customers. Ten years later, Wind Telecom is now prepared to offer its services to the residential markets using the technologies that have made them a leader in telecommunications technology integrations. Bringing VoIP to the home and connecting families with a cost effective service, with features that make sense.

Video calls, fax and voice messages on your email are new to most, but are a thing of the past here at WindTel

Video conferencing and instant messaging have become more popular now that most people can install and "App" on their smart device with ease, and in a few minutes the service is available. But video, voice, data and fax have been at the core of the development of our platform since day one. Today, Wind Telecom brings you video chat and IM to traditional phone systems, that have been around for years, but were not pushed to the average house hold.

Wind Telecom and it's agents, are committed to make enterprise level technologies available in the home as well as in small to medium enterprises. Our motto, "Freedom To Soar" is the concept that we live by when we bring Wind Telecom to you. Proof of this is that you don't need to pay to use our services and infrastructure. You don't need to sign a contract. You can bring over your telephone number, secure it with us, and you don't need to have an outgoing call plan attached to it if you don't need it. Yet you will have unlimited incoming calls on that line for a very nominal fee.

Our services are deployed in minutes, not days, and we aim to deliver our devices, ready to use, to your doorstep in under one week in all of North America. For our larger corporate clients we offer tranditonal PBX's and Key Systems under a hybrid platform that allows them to leverage analog, digital and voice over IP phones expandable to up to 48 users and 72 nodes using a combination of traditional POTS CO lines, E1, PRI and up to 8 VoIP trunks.

Our wireless network presently covers all major metropolitan areas in the United States, and we are exploring opportunities to expand to other markets. Our small office and home plans have an option to call almost 70 countries with one small monthly fee, possibly less than what you are currently paying for a local phone line.

We thank you for exploring Wind Telecom, and we applaud your initiative to 'cut the cord' and "Soar Like The Wind" - Please contact us if you have any questions!

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